5 Good Reasons Why Booking Transportation Online at AllPointsLimo.com is a Better Idea Than Using a Ride Hailing App

5 Good Reasons Why Booking Transportation Online at AllPointsLimo.com is a Better Idea Than Using a Ride Hailing App

Posted On: 02/15/2019
Thinking about using a ridesharing service? Sure they're convenient and less expensive, but that convenience comes with a cost ... your safety. Read the top 5 reasons why our customers continually turn to us for their transportation needs.

Meet the All Points Limousine Fleet

Posted On: 01/15/2019
All Points Limo has a full range of vehicles available for your every need. Whether you are traveling by yourself or with several others, you can get the space and comfort you require to make your trip a pleasure. Here is a look at our vehicle choices.
Top 8 Reasons to use corporate chauffeured transportation

First Impressions Count – Top Eight Reasons Why Corporations Use Chauffeured Transportation Companies

Posted On: 12/07/2018
All Points Limousine knows that first impressions mean everything in the business world. More and more, prestigious corporations are depending on our limos, SUVs, vans and minibuses to provide custom transportation services for road shows, sales trips, company-sponsored speakers, airport drop-offs and pickups, company photo shoots, meetings and events, nights out, sporting events and concerts. If you’re planning a business outing, event or special occasion in the Miami Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach area, contact us, and let our expert planners coordinate your transportation needs for a flawless first and lasting impression.
Key West Aquarium

Things to Do in Family Visits to South Florida

Posted On: 11/15/2018
South Florida is full of family-friendly attractions. With warm weather and countless tourist hot spots, the region offers plenty for vacationers and locals alike. Here’s a look at four popular destinations you can visit comfortably and conveniently with transportation from All Points Limo.
Happy Halloween from All Points Limousine

Halloween Party Transportation

Posted On: 10/19/2018
American consumers are expected to spend about $8 billion on Halloween festivities, but the bulk of this money is not going towards candy for trick-or-treaters’ treat bags. In fact, almost three out of four adults will be celebrating Halloween in a much different way: with their friends, dressed in fun costumes and enjoying treats definitely not intended for kids. This is a great time of year to be in Florida. The summer heat may be subsiding, but party temperatures are heating up.
David Feldman

October Driver of the Month - David Feldman

Posted On: 10/01/2018
Meet All Points Driver David Feldman - driving for the company for over 10 years as a professional chauffeur, David has seen it all! Read the funniest thing he's experienced as a driver in South Florida ...
5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Using Uber

5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Using Uber

Posted On: 04/02/2018
You could be taking a big risk if you choose to ride with Uber, a company that eoperates in a gray area of the law at best. Why not choose a licensed professional car service that offers trained, licensed drivers, proper insurance and completely reliable service instead? All Points Limo can get you where you need to go safely and comfortably every time without asking you to “ride at your own risk”.
Astros & Nationals Baseball

Astros & Nationals Moving Spring Training to Palm Beach County

Posted On: 11/15/2016
Business retreats during spring training are becoming more commonplace. What better way to generate interest in an expo than to pair it with spring training? Corporate team building events are also popular when held during spring training. Soon, even more businesses may be able to take advantage of these games as both the Astros and the Nationals are considering moving their spring training facilities to Palm Beach County.
James Wood

Meet the Driver of the Month - James Wood

Posted On: 08/15/2015
Meet the August driver of the month - James Wood. As a new driver on a curbside pickup, I pulled up to my anxiously waiting customer flagging me down….I jumped out of the car, called out his name “Mr. Smith??” YES THAT’S ME! Storing his bags away, we drove off chatting. Within minutes we both realized he was an “UBER” customer with the same last name as “MY” customer!! As I circled the airport and dropped him off – the “REAL” customer approached us and…..shockingly they both KNEW EACH OTHER!! After exchanging small talk, we drove away.